Office Type and Home Type Teeth Whitening

A healthy, white smile is almost every person’s dream. Smile is a detail that highlights itself in many areas of life, but the yellowing of the teeth from time to time can cast a shadow on our smiles.

There are many reasons why our teeth become stained or discolored. Natural or artificial coloring substances in the foods we consume daily, tea, coffee or carbonated beverages, and most harmful tobacco products and cigarettes cause our teeth to lose their natural whiteness and change the natural appearance of tooth enamel. Fading or yellowing of the tooth color caused by old age and some dental diseases is also common. Although not very common, incorrectly applied fluorine treatments can also cause discoloration of our teeth.

To have a brighter smile and to treat your tooth discoloration; You can choose Office Type Teeth Whitening or Home Teeth Whitening which are teeth whitening methods.

How is Office Type Teeth Whitening Application Done?

In clinical practice, we use whitening gels containing different proportions of Carbamide peroxide or Hydrogen peroxide in this method. After detailed plaque and tartar cleaning, these gels are applied on the teeth and activating light is applied for 40 minutes.
Office type teeth whitening technique gives much faster results. With the home whitening technique, you can get the results in a single appointment instead of 7-10 days. In addition, sensitivity treatment is applied together with bleaching treatment in our clinic.

How is Home Teeth Whitening Application Done?

Home teeth whitening application; It is made with bleaching plates prepared or ready for your teeth according to the measurements taken from the patient. In these plaques, gels containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide are applied in certain proportions and our patients place the plaques on their teeth for certain periods of 7-10 days. Before this procedure, our patient should definitely have a detailed dental cleaning. Short-term side effects such as tooth sensitivity can be seen during home-type teeth whitening applications.

How Long Does The Effect Of Teeth Whitening?

The most important question after tooth whitening is; How long will the whiteness obtained after the teeth whitening process continue. The duration of tooth whitening is a situation that varies from person to person, so it is not correct to say something definite. Besides the genetic makeup of the person, the effect of environmental factors is also very important. If the person frequently consumes drinks containing caffeine in his daily life, if the amount of tea he drinks is high, if he uses cigarettes or tobacco products, the life of the teeth whitening procedure will be short.
If the patients keep these habits at reasonable levels and if they do daily care of their teeth well, the whiteness obtained with the treatment can last up to 2 years.

What Are Teeth Whitening Methods Applied Apart From These?

Teeth whitening powders, which are quite common, are actually quite harmful for the enamel of the teeth. These powders, which are especially preferred due to their cost, can initially polish the teeth, but in the long term, they cause scratches and abrasions on the tooth enamel and cause the teeth to lose more color.

Who Cannot Apply Teeth Whitening Application?

Teeth whitening treatment is not applied to patients with gum disease, teeth having open root surfaces, common decays in the mouth and pregnant and breastfeeding female patients.

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