Smile Design and Laminate Veneers

A charming smile makes us feel safer while communicating with the people around us and eases our lives by changing our psychology in a positive way. Creating an effective impression will make a difference both in our private life and career. It is very important that our teeth are in the correct position while smiling. An aesthetic appearance is achieved by harmonizing teeth, tissues, muscles, skeletal structures and joints.
Laminate veneers, which have entered our lives with technological advances in dentistry, are perfect solutions for your teeth to look impressive in ideal positions during your smile.
Laminate veneers are thin, aesthetic, non-metal substructures that do not require any treatment on the back surfaces of the teeth, and are completely made of porcelain.

In which situations laminate veneers can be applied?

• In the treatment of discoloration on teeth
• Closing the gaps between teeth
• In the treatment of hereditary enamel problems (such as hypoplasia)
• Extension of short tooth lengths
• In order to provide an aesthetic appearance again instead of non-renewable and worn fillings on the front faces of the teeth.

In which cases laminate veneers are not applied?

• In patients with teeth grinding habit
• In patients who do not apply adequate oral care and have extensive decays
• In cases where there is too much crowding in the teeth
• In cases where there is not enough enamel in the teeth

How are laminate veneers applied?

• Before starting the treatment, a model (mockup) is created and the shape and color of the laminates are determined.
• This model is shown to the patient in the mouth. After the patient examines the model, if there are any changes he/she wants to make, these changes are arranged in the model.
• In order to prepare the places where the laminate veneers will sit, thinning is made from the front surfaces of the teeth in the range of 0.4-0.8 mm. In some cases, this process is not applied at all (for teeth positioned towards the back).
• Measures are taken and temporary laminate veneers are applied.

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