Orthodontics and Transparent Plate Treatment

Orthodontics is the department of dentistry that performs treatments in order to provide the correction of teeth crowding and bite disorders which occur when the teeth and/or jaw bones are not in the correct position.
The first orthodontic examinations of children are done when they are 7 years old. In this period, the upper and lower incisors erupt and the first molars have taken their places in the mouth. The following conditions may be observed as a result of the orthodontic examination performed at the age of 7:
• Stenosis in the jaws
• Bite disorders
a) Open bite
b) Collapsed bite
c) Cross bite
d) Reverse bite
• Baby’s bottle and finger sucking habits (they affect the development of jaws and teeth)
• Early milk tooth loss
• Jaws positioned too far forward or backward
• Non-erupting permanent teeth and abnormal tooth eruptions
• Mouth breathing
If these conditions are observed, early orthodontic treatment may be required to prevent future skeletal problems and tooth crowding.
In early orthodontic treatment;
• If there is tooth-induced crowding, space is gained for permanent teeth by extracting some milk teeth and applying simple protective appliances.
• If there are jaw disproportions such as a large/small upper or lower jaw, jaw growth is directed by applying orthodontic appliances.

Thanks to early orthodontic treatment, the possible need for orthodontic treatment in later childhood is reduced and if orthodontic treatment is required, the duration of this treatment is shortened.
To sum up; In early orthodontic treatment, problems are detected, necessary treatments are performed and the patient is examined at regular intervals. When the patient reaches the age of 10-12, fixed orthodontic treatment is applied with permanent teeth taking their place.

Orthodontic treatment in adults

Orthodontic treatments are generally thought to be done in childhood and adolescence, but orthodontic treatments are also applied to adults. Adult patients avoid orthodontic treatments due to aesthetic concerns. The developing technology offers us different treatment techniques and eliminates these aesthetic concerns.
These techniques;
Orthodontic treatments applied with transparent braces
Orthodontic treatments with wires applied to the inner surfaces of the teeth
Transparent plates
Orthodontic treatments with transparent plates especially come to the fore in eliminating aesthetic concerns.

Invisalign (Transparent Plate) Treatment

Invisalign treatment is an orthodontic treatment method using transparent plates that gradually apply force to the teeth and direct the teeth to the desired position.

Advantages of Invisalign Treatment;

• It is the best method in terms of aesthetics with its transparent structure.
• Transparent plates are thin in structure, lightweight and removable.
• Oral hygiene is much easier than fixed orthodontic treatment.
• They offer a faster orthodontic treatment.
• It is possible to see the treatment stages and the result of the treatment in digital environment at the beginning of the treatment.
• Appointment times are short.
• There is no risk of tooth decay.
• They do not create any change on the patient’s speech and tone of voice.

How Is Invisalign Treatment Applied?

Detailed clinical examination of the patient is performed. In this examination, lower and upper jaw measurements and panoramic dental x-rays are taken, photographs of the teeth are taken from various angles. A treatment plan is created in digital environment. During the treatment, the patient is informed about the improvements in the tooth alignment and the result of the treatment in digital environment. After the patient’s approval for treatment is obtained, the production of transparent plates is started and these plates are delivered to the patient. Each transparent plate should be worn for 22 hours a day, and they are changed every 1 or 2 weeks. Every 6 or 8 weeks, the treatment process is evaluated in a clinical setting. After the desired result is achieved in the treatment, the treatment is completed by using orthodontic appliances called retainers in order to keep the teeth in their new positions and to give permanence to the result.

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