E-Max And Zirconium Crowns

Veneers made in aesthetic tooth form on your teeth are called dental crowns. E-max and Zirconium crowns are the most preferred crowns. The shape, strength, size and appearance of the tooth are reproduced by the crown.

During the first examination in our clinic, we make a detailed diagnosis and offer you possible treatments. You may need dental crowns for the following reasons;
• To complete your post-implant treatment
• To change a large filling
• To treat a damaged natural tooth
• To make a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment more resistant to chewing forces
• For aesthetic purposes; to get a more beautiful smile by changing the size, shape and color of your teeth

Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium crowns consist of the combination of the durability of zirconium metal and the aesthetics of dental porcelains. It is especially preferred for posterior teeth where chewing forces are high. Since they are tissue-friendly, they do not cause allergic reactions, and are strong and long-lasting aesthetic crowns. They fit perfectly to the cut tooth surface and provide aesthetic results even in very dark teeth since they can mask the tooth color.
In addition, zirconium crowns are very compatible with the gums. Gingival discoloration and problems are not seen as in metal-based porcelains. Due to their thermal insulation feature, they transmit less heat, and no sensitivity to hot/cold is encountered. Its ability to pass light provides a more natural and aesthetic result. They are healthy materials that do not cause bad breath and do not allow tooth cavity.

Full Ceramic Crowns

Full porcelain or ceramic crowns provide the most natural appearance. They are very difficult to distinguish from a real tooth. They adapt to your neighboring teeth in terms of shape, size and color. It is the best crown type especially for anterior restorations. Advantages over metal fused crowns; They provide excellent aesthetics (thanks to porcelain layers) and durability. They provide these features by removing less material from the tooth structure compared to other types of crowns, and thus, situations such as tooth sensitivity after treatment are eliminated.

E-Max: Lithium Disilicate Crowns

They are type of full ceramic crowns that are very popular today. They are all-ceramic crowns made of lithium disilicate. They are more preferred in incisors, canines and premolars. They are not recommended for use on long bridges at the back of the mouth that require high chewing power. Since their light transmittance are higher than zirconium crowns, they allow us to obtain the closest image to the natural tooth. E-max is the leading choice for aesthetics and durability by its‘ color and design ease,
It is anti-allergic and tissue-friendly. E-max crowns do not need a support material like metal or zirconium supported porcelain crowns. With this application, possible deformation and color changes in the teeth can be easily corrected and a younger appearance and a dynamic smile can be obtained. This type of crown also helps to correct teeth that are misaligned. It completely closes the tooth cavities and reshapes the teeth.

We proceed by taking your likes and wishes into consideration at all stages of the application. You can contact us for more information when you decide on the dental crown type. Our priority is that our patients leave our clinic happily and tranquilly.

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