Composite Fillings, Inlay and Onlay Applications

What are the types of fillings in dentistry?

Technologies that have developed in dentistry in recent years offer many new treatment methods to oral and dental health patients. These developments allow both the correct preservation of oral and dental health and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Composite and porcelain (inlay, onlay) fillings applied in the treatment of tooth tissue loss have enabled us to achieve much more successful results. Amalgam fillings, which have been widely used for a long time, are almost not used today. Amalgam fillings have advantages such as a strong chewing feeling and cheap cost, but they are harmful to body health due to the mercury and metal alloys they contain, and they do not display an aesthetically beautiful appearance.

Composite fillings

They are so similar to dental tissue that they cannot be distinguished from the tooth’s own color. They offer a strong chewing feeling, are durable and long-lasting. After the tooth decay is removed from the tooth, the composite filling is placed in the formed space and cured with light. Finally, it is polished and smoothed.

Porcelain fillings (Inlay/Onlay)

Porcelain filling materials used in the treatment of large tooth tissue losses caused by large-scale decays on the tooth surface are called inlay and onlay fillings. Inlay and onlay fillings are very similar to tooth enamel and are preferred because they are much more durable than composite fillings, especially in large cavities. Their cost is higher than composite fillings, but with their durability and naturalness, they can be used for many years without any complications. They do not discolour or corrode. They are prepared in a laboratory environment using CAD / CAM technologies in line with the measurements taken from the patient.

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