Canal Treatment and Fiber Post Application

The sensory center that contains the nerves in the teeth is called the pulp. Pulpal tissue can become infected through tooth decay, heat, cold or trauma, and pain develops. Infected pulpal tissue is removed through root canal treatment, the canal is filled with tissue-friendly materials, and the teeth regain their health.

How is root canal treatment applied?

First of all, anesthesia is applied for a painless treatment. Then, pulpal tissue is reached by making a hole over the tooth. When access is provided, infected pulpal tissue and root canal tissue are removed. Empty canals are cleaned using antibacterial solutions and the walls of the root canals are shaped. Finally, root canals are filled with tissue-friendly materials and canal treatment is completed. After the root canal treatment is completed, the treatment is completed by making a composite filling or porcelain coating (crown).

What is fiber post therapy?

It is a painless procedure made to strengthen the dental tissue after root canal treatment that does not require anesthesia. Fiber posts are in the form of small rods, they are flexible and are inserted into the channel. After it is placed, its surroundings are filled with composite fillings. After this treatment, a more resistant tooth structure is provided against chewing forces.

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